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The purpose of the βDEC treatment systems is to achieve urban wastewater purification up to 10,000 equivalents inhabitants, so that the quality of treated water fully accomplishes with the requirements in the current legislation.

Based on a biological process using activated sludge in extended aeration with simultaneous nitrification and denitrification, it consists in a civil works aeration tank with the introduction of air through blower roots and fine bubble diffusers. The secondary settling tank is exclusively AREMA design and it is placed inside the aeration tank, which is complemented with sludge recycle and purge, as well as a line of sludge treatment tailored to the needs of each client.

  • Construction of the secondary settling tanks by own design and own moulds, made in GFRP or stainless steel, with diameters from 2.30m to 9.00m; with slope of 56º and polished finish on the inside.
  • The technology has the advantage of being very configurable in order to adapt to strong cases of seasonality. The configurations may vary in each case, with circular geometry tank, square or even oval, and in one, two or as many lines as required.
  • Nutrients removal achieved in the aeration tank thanks to using probes to control oxygen and redox potential so to optimize the nitrification and denitrification cycles.
  • Average treatment performance in the biological treatment over 95% reduction for the removal of DBO5, DQO, SS, N and P.
  • Highly energetically efficient and lower consumption.
  • Completely automatic operation with control systems of own design.
  • Compact, easily transportable, quick execution and lower civil works requirements compares to conventional treatments.