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AREMA offers in all areas of work, advanced solutions based on the Best Available Technologies (BAT), which prioritizes the quality of the project, environmental care and accuracy of the execution.

Due to its wide experience, AREMA thoroughly understands the difficulties of the product, the market and the latest technology trends.

The company offers its knowledge and skills to anyone who wants to or needs to develop projects related to water and wastes, being 100% involved in each of its projects to ensure customer satisfaction.

The design and consultancy provided by AREMA is completely independent of brands and manufacturers, since AREMA is not bounded to any of them in particular.

The specialty of the works of AREMA in each of the different business areas is the management of projects under the "turnkey" engagement modality.

In each project, AREMA takes full responsibility for the works implementation and management, for the staff training and a performance bond, assuring of proper operation of the facilities and the achievement of the required quality results.

AREMA performs the necessary civil works and has a fleet of machinery itself. Optionally, performs the supervision of civil works if this is carried out directly by the client.

AREMA selects, supplies and installs mechanical and electromechanical equipment and does the necessary electrical works, as a whole, as well as designs the SCADA control system to ensure proper operation.

AREMA provides operation and maintenance services for any kind of water treatment facilities. AREMA commits with its customers to also provide follow-up consultancy over executed works and develops staff training programs.